Until the end of the year the Redgum Cafe is going to be travelling light.

Some of our team are moving on, so we’re going to be a bit shorthanded … but we still want you to feel welcome! So instead of turning the lights out, we want to change up what we do so that you can still come and hang out with us.

So what’s changing?

From November 16th, 2022 the Redgum cafe is going to have a limited offering.
We won’t be running our usual food menu, and our hours are going to be a bit shorter than usual.

We’ll still have tea & coffee, cakes & pastries — and babycinos all day long!
But if you’d like something a bit more substantial, you’re invited to pack a lunchbox or pick-up some takeaway on your way in. We’re going with “make yourself at home” vibes.

We love sharing our space with the community. Whether it’s parents catching up while the kids play, hosting a book club, or bringing a few old friends around for a chat, we want this to be a place where community can happen.

So join us as we travel light: with a few less hands, but the same open doors!

Cakes and Pastries

Plain Croissant $4.50

Fruit Danish $5.00

Choc Croissant $5.00

Almond Croissant $5.5

Pear + Blueberry Tart $5.5

Banana Bread $4.5

Chocolate + Walnut Brownie $4.5

Flourless Orange $5.5

Carrot Cake $5.5

Cheesecake        [GF] $6

Cherry, Choc Slice    [GF]  $5

Hot Drinks

Coffee $4.20 (sml) / $4.80 (lrg)

Decaf $4.00 (sml) / $4.50 (lrg)
Flat White / Latte / Cappuccino / Espresso / Macchiato / Long Black

Oat | Soy +$0.50

Filter Coffee $4.00 / $4.50

Hot Choc $4.20 / $4.80

Tea (Morning Tea / Earl Grey / Peppermint Green / Lemongrass + Ginger (with florals) $4.50

Chai Latte $4.20/ $4.80

Cold Drinks

Milkshake (Chocolate / Berry / Banana / Caramel / Coffee / Vanilla) $5.00(sml) / $7.00 (lrg)

Soft Drink (Cola / Lemon) $5.00

Kombucha (Raspberry / Ginger)    $5.5

Spiders $5.80

Emma & Tom’s (Orange / Apple /Green Smoothie / Tropical) $5

Glass O’ Milk $2.50

Iced Tea $4.00

Iced Coffee/Choc $6.00